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Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a floor-based exercise system that focuses on your body length, strength, balance, and control. By practicing the Pilates exercises, you can enhance your flexibility, mobility, posture, movement quality, and general health and well-being. Currently, we offer 11 Pilates classes across the week that are 45 minutes in duration and jam-packed with exercises from the Pilates repertoire! No past experience is necessary as we will teach you how to get moving during the class. If you have never tried Pilates, or are a seasoned enthusiast, please come along and sample one of our classes. We are confident you will want to come back for more! See TIMETABLE...

Restorative Stretch

Restorative stretch is a gentle form of exercise that relaxes and lengthens the body while calming and quietening the mind. By practicing restorative stretch, you can learn how to let go and turn off, be more aware, relax, heal yourself, and regenerate your energy. As a result, you will improve your body awareness, flexibility, mobility, mood, and overall movement quality. Currently, we offer 4 classes that are 45 minutes in duration and include a range of static stretching, dynamic stretching, and self-massage (e.g. spikey balls and foam rollers). These classes are perfect for anyone who is new to stretching, curios to learn, stressed and overwhelmed, recovering from injury, and/or resting with fatigue. See TIMETABLE...


Meditation is an age-old practice of calming, centering, and stabilising the mind. The benefits of meditation include stress relief, relaxation, emotional harmony, sharper awareness, greater concentration, reduced physical tension, and higher self-regulation. By practicing meditation, you can learn to think better, sleep better, function better, move better, and, most importantly, feel better! Currently, we offer 3 classes that are 45 minutes in duration. Each class includes a brief introduction, guided relaxation, silent sit (10-15 minutes), and a short closing discussion. These classes are introductory in nature and account for all sitting styles, so no prior experience or hyper-mobility is necessary - just rock up, unwind, turn-off, and let us guide you to a world of peace, presence, and vitality! See TIMETABLE...

Monkey Gym

Monkey GymTM is a modern take on old technology - we use roman rings, ropes, kettle bells, rubber bands, ladder bars, benches etc. to challenge and strengthen the body's core and limbs. The benefits of Monkey GymTM include enhanced coordination, flexibility, mobility, strength, and posture. In Monkey GymTM, the class numbers are small, so each participant receives detailed attention and feedback when needed most. All of the Monkey GymTM exercises are whole-body in nature and are structured in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Currently, we offer 2 classes that are 45 minutes in duration. These classes are open to all genders, ages, and skill levels. See TIMETABLE...

Private Sessions

At Pilates Ballarat, we offer private exercise, stretch, rehabilitation, and meditation sessions. A private session allows your trainer to tailor a program specific to your personal requirements. Whether you want to transform your body shape, improve your posture, calm and centre your mind, or simply stretch and tone, we can customise an appropriate workout or practice for you. To learn more, please CONTACT us today!

Group Sessions

We also offer small-group sessions (e.g. for mothers, athletes, injured, etc.) and large-group sessions (e.g. for sport clubs/teams, schools, businesses, etc.). If you are looking for some movement therapy, team-bonding, fitness and wellness, mindfulness, or just something a little different, then CONTACT us today. You can either enjoy our studio facilities or have a trainer come to you!

Running Group

Are you new to running and want help with your posture and technique? Are you returning from an injury and want to correct and restore your movement? Would you like to improve your running endurance and overall health? Do you want to do this in a comfortable group setting? Well, we have just the thing! Pilates Ballarat has started a running group for anyone keen to get the body moving one step at a time! Each session is 45 minutes in duration and includes a warm up, main set, and cool down. If you have minimal experience and feel a little unprepared, don't worry! This program is designed for you – it is simple and flexible and accounts for all styles and levels. Just fuel up, rock up, put one foot in front of the other, and we'll do the rest! To find out more and follow the updates, please join our Facebook Running Group.