Truth. Affirmation. Appreciation.

// Jess

I have been a Beauty Therapist for over 10 years and have struggeled with back pain, particularly in between my shoulder blades and sciatic nerve tension for most of that time. I wasn't sure about Pilates at first (I thought it would be boring), but I heard it could help with my pain so I tried.

I first emailed Kylie in July 2013. I was surprprised and excited by her response. She was not only so quick to respond but also so excited and enthusiastic into the classes. How could I NOT go?

I started with Monkey Gym once a week for a while and then joined into the Pilates classes. Fairly positive I'm addicted!!

I now go between 3 and 4 times a week and even do homework when I'm not there. I have noticed a dramatic change in my posture, strength and have even lost weight since going. I rave to my friends and clients about how much I am enjoying it and I particularly love how Kylie makes sure you are doing each excercise properly so that you don't injure yourself even further. Can't recommend Pilates Ballarat highly enough!

// Gina

Being a part time working mother of two children, I was looking for that exercise regime that could fit into my busy lifestyle and call "my time". Coming from experience of Calisthenics and dance, Pilates Ballarat has a fantastic structure that fits my personal fitness needs.

Working with Kylie has definitely helped with bringing back strength, tone, flexibility and balance. My employment consists of a lot of running, which can leave me with aching legs. Kylie took that extra time in giving me some exercises, which has managed to get this under contorl.

So not only does Pilates Ballarat fit perfectly into my timetable, it is a fantastic for me to keep up with my fitness and health and is a great outlet from my day to day routines.

I always look forward to the classes.

// Romana

It is hard for me to even put pen to paper on how much Pilatse has changed my life.

Before Pilates: I felt weak, my lower back would ache, my shoulders hurt, I felt unfit and was sick all the time. I tried a few other things like Yoga and "the Gym" but found that I was just shown what to do and left to my own device. Consequently, I felt unsure, clumbsy and soon lost interest.

A friend of mine dragged me along one Saturday morning when I just wanted to sleep in ... luckily that morning I chose to get up early. Pilates was not daunting at all. Kylie welcomed me, as she does all, with open arms. She was caring and had such a passion for what she did that right away I felt comfortable and in great hands.

I have never looked back.

After a few months of Pilates my whole body started to change. I feel stronger, I have more confidence and I am starting to live a pain free life. This is priceless to me as it has changed everything in my life. I would never have thought a few hours on the Mat per week could have such results.

// Grace

Pilates Ballarat has become a constant in my life on a week to week basis for the last 6 months. In just that short amount of time I have had great results! Not only has Pilates made me physically stronger, it has also contributed to better balance and posture in my day to day life.

I have tried many different ways to exercise but have stuck at Pilates due to quick results, not to mention Kylie has made coming to Pilates an easy thing to do. She is very welcoming and takes an interest in everyone's body, as we are all different and have different needs.

Pilates has been a great change that I've made in my life an would recommend it to anyone looking to strengthen their bodies in a different way.

// Sara

I had been wanting to find a exercise that would help me improve my posture, fitness and flexibility. I thought I would give Pilates a try and was hooked from my very first class. At the start I thought I would never have the strength to do some of the movements, but now after about a year, I look back and now find those moves easy! I love going to my classes at the end of the day and feel so much better when I leave. I feel lighter, taller and stronger.

I am now more aware of my posture when I sit at my desk and have been told my posture has improved considerably. I am now addicted and hate missing my classes. Pilates is both fun and challenging and I couldn't imagine my life now without it.

// Mel

Being a new Mum to a newborn and a toddler I was feeling weak, unmotivated and overwhelmed with the changes in my body. I wanted to find something to do just for myself and had heard positive things about Pilates, which bought me to Pilates Ballarat. 5 months later, I am hooked.

I am amazed at how quickly I have seen and felt results. I am stronger, my posture keeps improving and I have lost my baby weight. I am now doing a combination of the mat classes and Monkey Gym and have found that they really compliment each other. It has been an all round positive experience.

Under Kylie's enthusiastic guidance I am enjoying the challenge of pushing myself and look forward to seeing what I can physically achieve.

// Tania

I started monkey gym 8 months ago and it's been amazing. I now have core strength and muscle tone. I work in a physically demanding job and no longer suffer from back, shoulder or leg pain post a routine day at work.

I started Pilates about 6 months ago I really enjoy the overall body stretch, improved core strength which works brilliantly in collaboration with monkey gym and it loosens up my joints giving me a great way to unwind post a busy day at work.